It’s never too early to get your kids thinking positively about their health and fitness!

Crossfit Kids is our hugely popular fitness programme for children of all ages; from pre-schoolers to pre-teens and teenagers. Providing a wide range of both physical and mental benefits, Crossfit Kids can help:

Increase your child’s confidence
> Strengthen and condition growing bones
> Boost self-esteem and develop positive body image
> Teach importance skills including sportsmanship, leadership & team work
> Develop co-ordination skills
> Promote self-discipline and good manner

Why Crossfit Kids?

It’s no secret that children can get bored easily, that’s why the variation of exercises included in a Crossfit class is perfect for keeping them engaged and entertained.

Combining a variety of  disciplines from weightlifting and calisthenics to gymnastics, all Crossfit exercises are age-appropriate, scalable, with lots of modifications to enable children to enjoy their workout without feeling pressured.

Crossfit for younger kids mimics the types of exercise that your children do in the course of normal play – think Bear Crawls, Forward Rolls, Skipping, Jumping, Hopping and Spinning – all in a fun, structured environment!

To find out more, why not give us a ring on 01472 623277 or come along to the gym to see a class in action – your child can also try a class for free to see how they like it!

Crossfit Kids Timetable

Pre-School (Ages 3-6)
Fri: 4-4.30pm
Mon: 4-4.40

Fri: 4.30-5.10

Pre Teens
Mon: 4.45 – 5.30pm
Fri: 5.15 – 6pm

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