If you are looking to improve your overall health, condition your body and enhance your strength, our Strength & Conditioning group sessions are for you.

Incorporating a combination of core training, gymnastics and lifting weights, Strength & Conditioning classes at GFP will enable you to develop the strength you need to beast your workouts! These sessions will also help you maximise your time at Grange Fitness – enhancing your performance in other classes too.

So whether you want to increase your strength for a particular sport, to prevent injuries when training independently, or simply to make carrying shopping bags easier, come along and try out a class for free.

If Carlsberg Made Fitness Centres...

Grange Fitness & Performance Centre prides itself on giving you the best in health and fitness support, training and advice.

Whether you're looking for a fitness class, some 1:1 Personal training, or sports massage and therapy after an injury, our highly skilled and experienced team can advise you on the best options for your own personal development.

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You can get in touch with any of the team by phone or email below.

Phone: 01473 623277
Address: 23 Betts Avenue, Martlesham, IP5 3RH