Your core muscles are perhaps the most important of all – strengthen these and you’ll find that the rest of your training improves in leaps and bounds. Whether you are looking for ‘abs of steel’ or to strengthen your core muscles in order to prevent injury or improve your posture, this class is unique in that will focus in on these areas.

An intense yet fun packed 30 minutes

This class is 30 minutes long and will see you using different skills and techniques to target your core muscles, including your abs. These include a combination of challenging yet highly effective floor exercises, full body stretches and resistance training.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

At Grange Fitness and Performance centre we believe that everyone is capable of improving their fitness no matter what their starting point. All of our members come in varying shapes and sizes so even if you think you’re not quite fit enough to take on an abs blast class, think again. All of the exercises can be adapted to suit all fitness levels and as part of the GFP family, there won’t be any shortage of support from your fellow members.

If Carlsberg Made Fitness Centres...

Grange Fitness & Performance Centre prides itself on giving you the best in health and fitness support, training and advice.

Whether you're looking for a fitness class, some 1:1 Personal training, or sports massage and therapy after an injury, our highly skilled and experienced team can advise you on the best options for your own personal development.

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